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Health care on demand: High-tech clinic comes to your home

DispatchHealth, a Denver-based company, is now making house calls in the Houston area.

HOUSTON — From Uber to groceries to movies, in a day and age where consumers can get almost anything delivered to their home with the touch of a button, health care has now been added to the list.

DispatchHealth, a Denver-based company, is now making house calls in the Houston area.

DispatchHealth is a health care provider that offers almost every service an urgent care center would.

“A cough, flu, cold...we are able to stitch patients up in their homes,” said Kim Bergeron, Houston’s market director.

The company has been in Houston for about a year. The service covers a large area west of downtown Houston from Cypress down to Houston with plans of expanding to Pearland soon.

A patient can call, use the website or download the app for service. Once medical help is requested, there is an assessment and a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant along with an EMT arrives at the patient’s home within two hours.

“It’s definitely health care on demand. Patients are just used to that in their lives...why not bring that to health care?” Bergeron said.

The out-of-pocket cost is like an urgent care visit. DispatchHealth bills insurance companies.

Bergeron says their services are especially popular with families and seniors, like patient Christopher Cavanaugh.

“It’s fantastic,” Cavanaugh said. “They come here and it’s in my home and they take care of me here. The last time I had the flu, and I was really, really sick.”

Bergeron said they are averaging more than 70 house calls a week.

For more information, visit DispatchHealth's website.