The flu forced a San Antonio school to close Friday. The campus will undergo a so-called “super clean” over the weekend.

Disinfecting is also top of mind at Houston-area schools, as well as offices and other places where people interact.

“We disinfect everything,” said toddler teacher Raquel Robinson at New ADDitions Childcare in West Houston. “The mats when they wake up, everything.”

Every child also gets a lesson in how to properly wash their hands and use hand sanitizer to help keep them clean.

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“Before snacks, before lunch, after the restroom, when they wake up,” said Robinson.

Doctors say adults could learn something from the kids.

“Absolutely,” said Dr. Brian Reed with Harris County Public Health.

He says this flu season ramped up as early as September and hasn’t let up.

“A lot of children are out of school, a lot of teachers with absenteeism reporting to us,” said Reed. “And since the Christmas break, it’s continued.”

He says vaccinations are effective to some degree against the current strain. But more people seem to be getting sick.

So, like in schools, he says sanitizing homes and offices is essential.

“My fingertips, the palm of my hand, and also the back of the hands,” said Reed as he used hand sanitizer on himself. “Wipe down the area you’re going to interact with.”

They are precautions that never get old no matter your age.

“It’s very important,” said Robinson.

We checked with a number of school districts. They tell us classroom cleaning is part of regular maintenance.

But extra cleanings may occur and whenever flu cases crop up at specific schools.