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Frustrated with vaccine rollout? New trials in Houston could get you access to COVID vaccine faster

DM Clinical Research tells KHOU 11 News there are 5 to 7 trials underway and you can sign up at HoustonFightsCOVID.com

HOUSTON — If you're frustrated with the current vaccine rollout, there are new COVID-19 vaccine trials underway in Houston that could speed up how soon you get the shot. 

Researchers at DM Clinical Research are looking for thousands of people to sign up. There are five to seven trials currently underway. All it takes is simply signing up online at HoustonFightsCOVID.com.

"A significant part of the population is not eligible for vaccines rolling out across the country right now, so I do believe these patients can get faster access through us instead of the chaos naturally happening within Houston, Texas and frankly the country," said Elizabeth Hoff.

Elizabeth Hoff is executive director at DM Clinical Research. She says the volunteers are needed right now. 

"The call to action today and next week is anyone over 18 years old," said Hoff. 

Johnson & Johnson and Novovax are two of the trials underway here. They need more folks over 65 years old for that one. 

Moderna is still being tested too and so is Pfizer. 

Pfizer recently launched a lot to lot study. That means if you end up in that one, you're guaranteed the vaccine. There are no placebos. It's a way for Pfizer to test for differences in any vaccines manufactured at different facilities. 

"If you're the type of person who baked for your neighbors or helped in Hurricane Harvey, you're the people we're looking for," said Hoff. 

Patients also eligible for up to $1,000 for participating. All you have to do is sign up at HoustonFightsCOVID.com or you can also call 281-886-3753. They'll contact you within 24 hours. 

"Our phones are ringing, we just need thousands more patients," said Hoff. 

There's no guarantee you'll absolutely get the vaccine. That depends on each trial, but in most cases even if you get the placebo, you'll eventually be eligible to get the real thing. The more people sign up, the sooner more COVID vaccines will be rolled out to the masses. 

"The COVID pandemic is real and it's global, and it will be here for a while," said Hoff. "We can't stop with just two companies."

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