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When Nueces County can expect to receive its first shipment of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The J&J version is another tool in the arsenal in the battle against the coronavirus.

NUECES COUNTY, Texas — City-County Public Health Director Annette Rodriguez said vaccinating the entire community is now more possible than ever with the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine. She said her team is already set for when the shipment arrives. 

"This week is March 1st, so I'm looking at receiving some March the 8th," Rodriguez said. "I haven't gotten that officially yet but that's what I am hearing."

Rodriguez added that this is a move in the right direction.

Local pulmonologist Dr. Salim Surani said a year has come and gone since the pandemic and along the way have, we lost many of our loved ones who died of COVID-19. 

But true to heart, we've gained knowledge and celebrated science.

Dr. Surani called attention to the quick development of vaccines, adding the J&J version is another tool in the arsenal in the battle against the virus. He explained some of his reasons why he would prefer the community get the J&J vaccine. 

Benefits of J&J

  • It's a single dose.
  • It doesn't have a hold storage issue, it can be stored at a regular temperature for months and refrigerated up to two years. 
  • Helps prevent the hospitalizations and death by 85-percent.

Dr. Surani added that the vaccine's efficacy is at 72-percent, saying it's very very good. 

In the meantime he and other health experts say no matter which vaccine is available, they all work. They all protect you. 

"Tomorrow on the second, we're gonna have 5,000 first doses at the American Bank Center for Moderna," Rodriguez said. "Then, on Friday, we're gonna be out at Richard Borchard Fairgrounds giving second doses to the people that were waiting since January 29th. They've been waiting for their second dose."

Depending on how many doses of the J&J vaccine arrive on March 8 will determine how many clinics will roll out next week.

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