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Hunting for a vaccine: North Texans using Facebook group to track dose deliveries and sign-ups

The group, titled 'DFW Covid Vaccine Finder,' has more than 500 members, and at least one got a shot this week by utilizing info on the page.

DALLAS, Texas — Many North Texans are desperate for a COVID-19 vaccine, and one page on Facebook is trying to cut through all the noise surrounding registration and simply knowing where doses are available. 

If you search 'DFW Covid Vaccine Finder' on Facebook, you'll find resources.

The group is open to the public, and members post daily about their hunt to find a vaccine in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Gene Davis created the page and told WFAA that he wanted to streamline information about vaccine registration and the places that may have doses but aren't necessarily inundated with sign-ups. 

If you scroll around, members share information daily that they find online about area pharmacies, grocery stores, and even health providers getting new doses. 

Sometimes it's simply word of mouth, while other times, members post a link or a phone number to help folks sign up for an appointment. 

A lot of the chatter on the page also surrounds discourse regarding issues with pharmacies or vaccine providers. A big question of late surrounds people already vaccinated having trouble signing up for their booster shot appointment. 

It proved to be incredibly helpful for Jane Didear. 

At the age of 67, Didear is in vaccination group 1B and is eligible to get a shot. Though, she's struggled to find a prompt appointment in the last four weeks.

Most who are eligible to get a vaccine are heading to Dallas County's Fair Park mega inoculation site. However, more than 300,000 are waiting in line as of Thursday. 

Looking somewhere else seemed to be Didear's only alternative. 

"I was desperate to find a way to get a shot," Didear said. "The vaccine is key for me." 

On Wednesday, a member posted that UT Health in Tyler was now accepting appointments. 

Even though it's an hour and a half away, Didear signed up. By Friday, she got her first shot. 

"I believe in the power of information sharing," Didear said. "So today, yay! I got my vaccination!" 

Angela Davis is also a member of the group wanting the vaccine. She's a teacher with Dallas ISD and has Lupus and high blood pressure. 

She's eligible to get the vaccine through group 1B. 

"People will post, 'Hey, Walmart has 400 doses now, here's the number you need to call.' Or, 'Brookshires has this much here is how to signup.' It's people helping people," Dais said. 

"I can check to see where things are available, and if I can't get to it, then I can share that information with family and friends that are also looking for the vaccine." 

Some of the posts do need to be vetted, but if you don't want to wait behind thousands for a vaccine or just have questions... it's a good place to begin.