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Houston doctors vaccinating underserved communities

When they realized certain neighborhoods were being disproportionately affected by COVID, doctors Teresa and McWade Palmer set out to make a difference.

HOUSTON — A Houston power couple is all about the labor of love. That's why they're administering the COVID vaccine to people in underserved areas one shot at a time.

Doctors Teresa and McWade Palmer have enjoyed helping their community for a long time. When they noticed it was being harshly affected by COVID-19, they know they were in a position to make a difference.

"We wanted to make sure we were reaching out to those communities that maybe couldn't have access as some of the other communities did," Teresa Palmer said.

They decided to divide and conquer and run separate CVS locations in vulnerable areas.

They're giving the predominately Black and Hispanic neighborhoods a chance to get back to normal.

The couple says their greatest reward is knowing their patients can go back to work, see their families and have a sense of normalcy. It's also a chance for them to see a familiar face and talk to someone they trust about the vaccine.

"I just let them know that this really will save their life and help them out drastically," McWade Palmer said.

As for working together, the couple says they love it, as long as they both agree on who's in charge.

"They call me 'McBoss' but she's the boss," McWade Palmer said.