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The number of COVID cases are dropping but health experts warn of possible winter surge

Dr. Linda Yancey said anyone who is eligible should be doing their part to stay healthy and safe.

Houston is coming off its third and largest COVID-19 surge since the start of the pandemic

The number of cases and hospitalizations due to the virus are falling. It’s a huge relief for healthcare workers who have been stressed and overwhelmed.

Dr. Linda Yancey, an infectious disease specialist with Memorial Hermann said, there is still a lot of uncertainty.

“We’re hoping that with all the new people getting vaccinated, with folks getting booster shots, with vaccines opening up to children, that this might be our last surge, but again, unexpected things can happen,” Dr. Yancey said.

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Also, she said new variants of the virus can pop up. Dr. Yancey said anyone who is eligible should be doing their part to stay healthy and safe.

“I’m the mother of an unvaccinated 11-year-old,” Dr. Yancey said. “The day that she is able to get the vaccine she is going to get her first shot.”

Vaccine expert Dr. Peter Hotez said even though things are getting better, only 57 percent of eligible people are fully vaccinated.

Dr. Hotez said, “It means 43 percent is not so that’s still a lot of warm water for the hurricane to pass over. The warm water being the unvaccinated. The hurricane being, we still have this delta variant circulating.”

He said reaching herd immunity will be easier in areas where people are getting the shot.

“Unfortunately here in Texas I don’t have a lot of cause for optimism because we have too many people who are defiant,” he said.

Experts said people shouldn’t let their guard down.

“I think the safest thing to assume is that’s going to happen again; that we’re going to get another big wave as we move into December and January,” Dr. Hotez said.

“We can’t predict what the future will bring but another spike like the one we just had would be an enormous stress to our system,” Dr. Yancey added.