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'Path to recovery' | Increasing capacity to 75% gives Texas restaurants hope

The Texas Restaurant Association hopes this move gives restaurants a chance to get back on track.

HOUSTON — Gov. Greg Abbott’s announcement Thursday gave many restaurant owners hope.

He's allowing them to operate at a 75 percent capacity on starting on Sept. 21. This might give some a fighting chance to survive this pandemic.

"It's going to put us in a better position to get through with what is going on," Jonathan Garcia, finance director for Taqueria Arandas #12, said.

Garcia said his family business has been struggling just like many others, but he hopes increasing the occupancy helps them out.

"There's only so much we can do with takeout orders and working with delivery partners that take out a huge chunk in the commission out," Garcia said.

The Texas Restaurant Association hopes Abbott’s decision gives restaurants a chance to get back on track.

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"Today’s announcement puts restaurants back on the path to recovery," Emily William Knight, with the Texas Restaurant Association, said.

Bars that are now reclassified as restaurants can also increase their capacity to 75 percent.

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"It’s slow, people think that just because we open the door we are going to be flooded with people and that is just not the case," Al Jara, owner of Marquees II on West University, said.

More than 600 bars have been reclassified as restaurants and are open. Some of these owners don’t understand why the governor won’t reopen the bars.

"We haven’t had a huge spike in the last few weeks and a lot of us bars have been open we are now restaurants over the last few weeks," Jara said.

The Texas Bar and Nightclub Association called Abbott’s actions Thursday "unacceptable." They said bar owners are having their livelihoods destroyed.

To see the updated protocols, you can check out the link below.