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Here's how to check the status of your second stimulus payment of 2020

The IRS set up a 'Get My Payment' portal for you to track the status of your second stimulus payment.

The Internal Revenue Service launched an online portal that allows you to track the status of your second stimulus payment (also known as EIP, Economic Impact Payment).

NOTE: This story is about the second round of stimulus payments in 2020. If you are looking for the third round of payments, know that as of Friday, March 12, the IRS tracking tool was temporarily offline as the service prepares to issue the first wave of payments. Get updates here on the third payment.

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Many Americans started receiving their second stimulus payments just days before the New Year.

If you are still waiting to get the money from the second stimulus payment, you can visit the IRS' website to see if your payment has been sent or not. 

Check your status here.

You will need to enter your Social Security Number, date of birth and street address to find out the status.

Remember, there are millions of people trying to access this page, so be patient as it may take a few minutes for you to be directed to the right page. 

What the portal will tell you

The IRS 'Get My Payment' portal will let you know:

  • That your stimulus payment has been sent  
  • That your first stimulus payment has been sent. Some people received their first payment in partial payments. If you received partial payments, the application will show only the most recent.
  • Your payment type: direct deposit or mail.

The IRS said data is updated once per day overnight, so there's no need to check more than once per day.

The IRS phone assistors do not have any additional information beyond what's available online, so there's no need to call their offices. 

How much will I get?

The rules are the same as with the first round for this one. If you have an adjusted gross income of $75,000 or less, you’ll get the full amount. 

It’s the same for a married couple filing jointly who made a combined $150,000 in 2019.

If you made more, the stimulus amount gets progressively lower.

Get an estimate on the second stimulus calculator

Will people receive a paper check or a debit card?

For those who don’t receive a direct deposit by early January, they should watch their mail for either a paper check or a debit card, the IRS said. To speed delivery of the payments to reach as many people as soon as possible, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, part of the Treasury Department, will be sending a limited number of payments out by debit card. Please note that the form of payment for the second mailed EIP may be different than for the first mailed EIP.

Some people who received a paper check last time might receive a debit card this time, and some people who received a debit card last time may receive a paper check. 

For more information questions about the second round of COVID-19 stimulus checks, click here.

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