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Poll: Most Americans support COVID-19 restrictions if second wave hits

The Morning Consult poll also found that Republicans are more confident than Democrats and Independents that the U.S. is ready for a second wave.

A clear majority of respondents in a new poll of registered voters are in favor of re-engaging in restrictions to curb a second wave of COVID-19, if one occurs. For some measures, nearly 90% support them. The Morning Consult poll also finds that Republicans feel more confident than Democrats and Independents that the U.S. is ready to handle a potential second round of the disease.

As states start to allow the reopening of businesses and other facilities in response to the economic downturn that has cost at least 36 million Americans their jobs, there is concern that it could lead to a fresh round of the coronavirus infecting more people.

The poll asked 1,992 registered voters their opinion of re-instituting things like quarantines, social distancing, closing businesses and providing federal aid. The results were overwhelmingly favorable.

  • 14-day quarantines: 89% support
  • Social distancing: 88% support
  • Federal aid to small business: 87% support
  • Face masks in public places: 84% support
  • Federal aid to citizens: 84% support
  • Stay-at-home orders: 78% support
  • Closing non-essential businesses: 72% support

For stay-at-home orders, 88% of Democrats supported them, followed by 75% of independents and 69% of Republicans, according to Morning Consult. The orders have been the subject of protests across the country.

A majority of each political affiliation also supports closing non-essential businesses if a second wave hits.

But the opinions shift across political lines when asked if the U.S. is prepared, both economically and from a public health perspective, for a second wave.

Public health

  • Republicans: 61% say U.S. is prepared / 22% say no
  • Democrats: 24% yes / 57% no
  • Independents: 33% yes / 43% no


  • Republicans: 50% say U.S. is prepared / 31% no
  • Democrats: 20% yes / 62% no
  • Independents: 27% yes / 57% no

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