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Pets benefit from stay-home orders during coronavirus pandemic

Whether it’s a new puppy, a pet hamster, rabbit, bird or horse, our pets love having us home.

HOUSTON — Staying home during this time is so much better when you have someone, or something, to share it with.

A silver lining of working from home and social distancing is spending more time with our pets, and they’re living their best lives.

Credit: KHOU

It’s a level of excitement that just brings a smile to your face. From our pet dogs to our pet pigs, animals are bringing us so much joy during this new normal.

They’ve become our newest co-workers and office mates, but their need for attention can make it hard to concentrate at times.

They’re always on the lookout.

Credit: KHOU

However, whenever there’s a chance, it’s time to catch some Z’s with their favorite humans.

And under quarantine, there are a lot of naps.

Credit: KHOU

Our pets are thriving right now because they get to hang out with their loved ones all day long.

They’re ready to push you during those home workouts or lend a hand as you learn about those working on the front lines.

Credit: KHOU

Rain or shine, our pets are there to walk us through it all.

It seems people are looking for a four-legged companion.A rare sight in La Porte at their animal shelter: Clarence Anderson, supervisor of the La Porte Adoption and Animal Shelter said every kennel is empty.

“We were actually able to move our animals out and give them forever homes and not just placing them in foster where they come back but these animals were actually able to find homes,” Anderson said.

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So whether it’s a new puppy, a pet hamster, rabbit, bird or horse; our pets love having us home.

Credit: KHOU

Even if it looks like they’re over all the attention at times.

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