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MIS-C cases hit record high at Texas Children's Hospital

Symptoms usually appear three to six weeks after a child is exposed to COVID-19.

HOUSTON — Texas Children’s Hospital says more than 30 children were hospitalized in September with an inflammatory illness linked to COVID-19. Doctors said that is a new record high for cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, or MIS-C.

Dr. Eyal Muscal, a Pediatric Rheumatologist with TCH, said the average age of kids impacted is eight or nine years old, but teenagers seem to have more severe cases.

“Very few of our pediatric MIS-C cases have been vaccinated. It’s a syndrome of the unvaccinated. Either young kids or those who have not gotten the vaccine,” said Muscal.

Common symptoms of MIS-C include fever and stomach pains. Symptoms present three to six weeks after a child gets COVID-19.

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