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The number of people refusing to wear masks due to politics is an increasing concern among doctors

The growing number of people who are choosing not to wear masks due to politics is increasing concern among doctors as Texas continues to reopen.

HOUSTON — Wearing a mask has no longer just become a question of public health as more people are making their decision based on political ideologies.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Peter Hotez warns that's dangerous and could hinder stopping the spread of the virus.

"What's happened is your feelings about social distancing and wearing masks have become conflated with political ideologies," Hotez said. "It's important to remember it doesn't work that way. The virus doesn't care if you're a Democrat or a Republican or something else. You're at risk and need to look out for you and your family."

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner on Monday said wearing a mask and practicing social distancing is more important now than ever before, especially as Texas continues to reopen.

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"It should not be political," Turner said. "The virus will not skip over you if you're a Republican or go around you if you are a Democrat."

Turner noted Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, is also encouraging Texans to be good neighbors and wear face masks when out in public.

"I, and everybody else with me, encourage all Texans to continue keeping that social distance and to wear face masks if at all possible," Abbott said.

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