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What you can do if you lose your COVID-19 vaccination card

Depending on where you got your COVID-19 vaccinations, you have a couple options.

HOUSTON — More events are requiring negative COVID-19 tests or proof of vaccination for you to take part.

But what if you lost your vaccination card?

If you got the vaccine at a major pharmacy or retailer, call them. They keep electronic records for all the vaccines they’ve given. As long as you have your ID, you should be good to go. For example, Walgreens and CVS both said they will get you a replacement card.

You can also use ImmTrac, which is the Texas Department of State Health Services program that tracks immunizations -- including COVID-19.

You’ll have to fill out a form to request your immunization record and mail it in, which could take some time.

The best rule of thumb is to try not to lose your card in the first place. Make a copy. A photo is an easy way, just don’t post it on social media.

Early on, some experts recommended laminating your card, but they’ve largely changed their tune now that booster shots are a possibility. If your card’s laminated, you won’t be able to document any future vaccinations.

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