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'It doesn't take money to give back' | Houston balloon artist uses her talent to spread joy

'Just a little bit of time. A thought,' Charly Infante says.

HOUSTON — So many people are trying to come up with ways to Stand for Houston.

A reminder, you don't have to spend a dime to make a difference. Time and talent can really go far, these days. 

On Sunday nights, Charly Infante is in the zone. She's got Houston in her heart and a vision in her mind. 

"I try to find something positive to tell’em," the professional balloon artist said. 

Infante was inspired by a global project, One Million Bubbles, to spread love and joy through art. Nearly 2,000 artists from 81 countries participated in the two-day event earlier this month. 

"I decided to continue it because it brings joy to the neighborhood. And we want everyone, during these hard times, to know that they're not alone and just seeing balloons brings smiles to people’s faces."

The interactive displays are meant to encourage people in the Olde Oaks neighborhood in northwest Houston to stop and snap a photo. 

"Cars will slow down and take pictures on the Nextdoor app I’ve had lots of great feedback." 

The displays are 8 feet tall and stretch 12 to 13 feet. 

"Please, please feel free to take a picture. These are memories during a crazy time that will be a happy memory. A colorful memory."

The displays go up Monday mornings and will stay up as long as Houston weather allows. 

"It doesn’t take money to give back," said Infante. "Just a little bit of time. A thought."

This story was pitched to KHOU through a tip Melissa Correa received on Nextdoor. To connect with Melissa, click here.  

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