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Houston ranked top spot to find love during pandemic

Houston is No. 8 on Apartment List's survey of top 40 U.S. cities for dating during COVID-19 pandemic.

HOUSTON — The holidays can be tough for singles as it is, but throw in a COVID-19 pandemic across the country, and dating is trickier than ever before. 

Unless you live in Houston. 

A recent survey by Apartment List found Houston is one of the best places to date mid-pandemic. Houston was eighth on the list. 

Houston's weather, outdoor activity possibilities and the number of singles who live here landed Houston in the top 10. 

An estimated 50.5 percent of our population in Houston is still single. And 34.4 percent of them say they're satisfied with the dating scene here. And nearly 71 percent say Houston has plenty of outdoor spots to check out on dates. That comes in very handy during a pandemic.

But the survey suggests the dating is even better in Austin. They came in at No. 1 on the list. And San Antonio checked in at No. 6. 

So where are you least likely to find love in a pandemic? If you're single, avoid Hartford, CT, Cleveland, OH and Jacksonville, FL. Those 3 cities were the worst for dating during this public health nightmare. Less than 15 percent of singles reported being satisfied with their dating lives there. 

Experts recommend no matter where you live, dating during COVID can be risky. It's always safer to meet virtually, but if you're going to meet up, don't forget your mask and be sure to find yourself that perfect outdoor spot.

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