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Google sees rise in searches for how to cut your own hair

While orders have closed barber shops and hair stylists, searches for how to cut your own hair are on the rise.
Credit: WTSP
FILE PHOTO: scissors

HOUSTON — When it comes to getting haircuts, it’s usually best to leave it to the professionals. But these aren’t usual times and there may be quite a few interesting looks in the coming weeks.

Barber and beauty shops have been closed by many orders in the Houston area and around the country, so people are doing what they do when they want to learn how to do something – they’re Googling it!

Check this graph out from Google Trends.  It shows a spike in searches for ‘How to cut your own hair’ since November in the United States.  The big upswing you see is since March 8!

Credit: Google Trends

Are we any different in Texas?  Not really. Here’s a graph showing that. And the Houston area ranks third in Texas when it comes to potentially-disastrous cuts. People in the Dallas and Waco areas do it at a higher rate. 

Credit: Google Trends

So if you’re dusting off your Flobee, finding those old clippers or just going at it with a bowl and a pair of scissors, know you won’t be alone. And just a hunch – there could also soon be a spike in deliveries for baseball caps and hats!

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