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COVID vaccination may be required for international flights | Connect the Dots

Many airlines and countries are considering adding COVID vaccination to the checklist for international travel.

Now that coronavirus testing is required for any traveler returning to the U.S. from abroad...will vaccines be far behind? Let's connect the dots.

Domestic travel vaccine unlikely

Until coronavirus vaccines become readily available, testing will be necessary part of travel, at least when it comes to traveling abroad. 

But what about when vaccines are available? Experts say it will be unlikely a coronavirus shot will be required for domestic travel. Most airlines in the United States have not required tests before boarding so experts think it is unlikely they will require vaccines.

International travel more likely

If you're traveling internationally, it might be a different story. 

Qantas airlines, an Australian carrier, has already announced it will require passengers to get a coronavirus vaccine. Korean Air says it is thinking about it as well. Some countries already require specific vaccinations before you can enter. 

For example, a lot of places in Africa and South America require proof you have been vaccinated against yellow fever.

Vaccination proof app developed

So how will you provide proof you have been vaccinated? 

When you are vaccinated for yellow fever you are given a so-called yellow card you can present for entry. Experts predict something similar can be done for coronavirus, but the much more likely solution will be an app that stores proof of your vaccination.  A few are already being tested with one called Common Pass seen as the most promising.

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