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COVID-19 cases climb in Texas, many infections in smaller cities

There were 5,682 new cases in Texas Friday. That's the highest number the state has seen since August 25.

HOUSTON — Coronavirus cases are rising once again across the state, and with flu season here, doctors are warning, yet again, to keep your guard up.

Our first official taste of fall hit Friday, and soon enough, so will the flu, which is why doctors are now concerned about this new increase in COVID-19 cases.

“We had a nice lull in September, but here in the beginning of October, we’re beginning to see the numbers come back up again," said Dr. Linda Yancey, Memorial Hermann infectious disease expert. 

Dr. Yancey said Harris County is seeing an increase, but it’s happening more statewide. Texas’ daily new case count continues to rise.

It started Tuesday with 5,050 new cases, and then 4,564 on Wednesday, 4,615 Thursday, and on Friday, there were 5,682 new cases.

That's the highest number the state has seen since Aug. 25.

“We’re also seeing the virus move into new areas so some of the smaller towns where it just hadn’t gotten to yet, we’re beginning to see those towns being hit hard," Dr. Yancey said. 

Dr. Yancey said part of the problem is COVID-19 is now impacting smaller cities, including places like El Paso. The mayor there is adding new restrictions to help slow the spread.

Those infections could be affecting bigger cities. 

“These are places that might not necessarily have a hospital and so they’re ending up transferring patients to the larger hospitals," Dr. Yancey said. 

Closer to home, cases in Montgomery County are also rising.

And with winter around the corner, Dr. Yancey said keep your guard up, but also, don’t forget about the flu. 

"Because we don’t need another deadly virus," Dr. Yancey said.

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