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Where in public are you most likely to catch the coronavirus? Doctors weigh in

On a scale of one to nine, four infectious disease experts rank public places based on where you're most likely to catch the COVID-19 virus.

AUSTIN, Texas — When it comes to places where you’re most likely to catch the coronavirus, would it be in a bar? At a hair salon? Or, on an airplane? Good question!

An enterprising reporter in Michigan wondered the same thing. Journalist Taylor DesOrmeau polled four infectious disease experts who came up with a numerical ranking of the riskiest and least risky public places where you might catch the virus.

The results have been published on the mlive.com website and are now making the rounds on social media, where some readers don’t agree with the rankings at all. So what do you think?

Riskiest place? The doctors agreed – it's at a bar. They gave the highest score of “9,”  meaning riskiest by far.

At level “8,” some of the most likely places to catch the virus include buffets, gyms, amusement parks and churches.

Hair salons scored a “6,” along with playgrounds and indoor restaurants.

At level “5” for risk are airplanes, malls and bowling alleys.


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Shopping for groceries got a relatively low level of risk score of “3,” while pumping gas was even less risky with a score of “2.”

Of course all places can be risky if you don’t wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and maintain social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet.

So, according to the disease experts, what is one of the safest places to avoid catching the virus, other than in your own home? The answer is the tennis court, with a lowly score of “1.” It's perfectly safe, the doctors say, unless your tennis partner has the virus.

The entire list of ratings for all 36 public places is available on mlive.com.


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