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11-year-old girl welcomed home with drive-by parade after 3 weeks in a Houston hospital with COVID-19

The Buna Jr. High student was released Monday.

BUNA, Texas — Tuesday evening, the Buna community rallied to welcome home 11-year-old Brennah Gurganious.

She spent the last three weeks in a Houston hospital battling COVID-19. The Buna Jr. High student was released Monday.

Brennah contracted COVID-19 right after school started. While at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, she had to have breathing treatments every hour and her lungs suctioned every four hours.  

Her family said doctors originally thought she would need to stay for up to a month in the hospital, but she's now home greeted with hugs and treats to welcome her back.

"She's gone from being [intubated], paralyzed, so that she wouldn't move, to coming out of it in a short period of time, and she has miraculously recovered. And it's all through the prayers and love of all of you and we really thank you for it," Brennah’s father Tim Gurganious said.

Tim said she's a fighter, and they're grateful for everyone's prayers and support over the past three weeks. Brennah's mother, Terri Gurganious said Brennah will be back in school next week.

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