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The latest tool being developed to test for coronavirus – a breathalyzer

The breathalyzers are designed to screen crowds at large events like concerts and churches.

Texas A&M has teamed up with an artificial intelligence company and the Air Force to create a new screening tool for coronavirus -- a breathalyzer.

The device looks like a kiosk. You use a disposable straw to blow in a copper tube and then the results are sent to your phone in less than a minute.

It uses artificial intelligence to examine the breath for compounds produced by the body when it is fighting coronavirus. Between tests, the copper tube is super-heated so the next person’s results are not contaminated.

Five kiosks are being installed on the Texas A&M campus where they can be used by students and faculty.

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The breathalyzer results will be compared to the results of PCR tests, the most accurate coronavirus testing we have right now. That will help determine the accuracy and fine-tune the testing. 

It’s also being used at some Air Force bases.

The idea behind the device, called Worlds Protect Kiosk, is it can be thrown into the back of an SUV and setup outside any setting being used for a large group. Thinks concerts, sporting events and churches. 

The Food and Drug Administration is still evaluating the breathalyzer for widespread public use. But it approved it could be a welcome change to those intrusive nasal swabs.

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