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Here's what we know about the link between blood types and COVID-19

Research shows people with Type O blood tend to have less severe cases, while people with Type A seem more vulnerable.

HOUSTON — New studies suggest that blood type might affect the severity of coronavirus, but what does that mean? Let’s connect the dots.

The research done on thousands of patients found that people with Type O blood seemed to have less severe cases of COVID-19 while people with Type A seemed more vulnerable to coronavirus.

Researchers warn that even though it appears they found a link, they don’t know the cause yet. There is speculation blood type may affect blood clots, a life-threatening symptom of coronavirus or possibly immune system response.

But does this mean if you have Type O blood you are all clear? Definitely not. While the findings are statistically significant, it doesn’t mean there aren’t people with Type O blood who have had severe cases of coronavirus and even died. But it is another puzzle piece as we try to understand more about coronavirus and how to fight it.

If you don’t know your blood type, there are at home tests you can take. But one of the easiest ways to find out is to simply donate blood. One of the perks of making this life saving donation is they will tell you your blood type.

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