HOUSTON — There is still a lot we don’t know about the coronavirus, and because of limited tests in the United States, we still don’t know how many people may be infected.

The CDC and doctors agree that simple practices are still the best-proven ways you can help protect yourself and prevent the spread of a virus.

Practice basic self-hygiene

Wash your hands multiple times a day.

Do it the right way: warm water with anti-bacterial soap for 20 seconds.

Use anti-bacterial wipes for your workspace, common surfaces at home and other places, like the shopping carts at the grocery store.

Make it a point to stop touching your face with your hands. Especially not your eyes or mouth.

Experts agree that this is not the time to shake hands.

When you sneeze and cough, do it away from others.

Self-isolate when you are sick and sometimes when you are well.

This doesn’t mean quit your job and move to an island, it means don’t go out when you're sick.

Try to stay in one room of your home until you’re well and stay away from your family and pets.

It also means that if you’re well, stay away from others who are sick, or could be.

If you hear someone cough, walk the other direction.

Practice self-care

Prioritize your health.

Make sure your body is physically ready if attacked by a virus.

Get enough sleep. Research has shown that people who are well-rested fend off viruses better.

Eat well. Fresh fruits and vegetables help boost your immune system.

Doctors say citrus and green tea are the best additions during flu season.

Sugary and processed foods do the opposite, causing inflammation that will suppress your immune system.

There is a lot we don’t know about the coronavirus but we’ve had enough experience to know what’s worked in the past.

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