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Austin mom working to figure out if she and her children had COVID-19 months ago

Kati Freytag thinks she contracted COVID-19 while adopting her son in Taiwan. Now she has a message for other moms.

AUSTIN, Texas — One Austin mom is going to great lengths to confirm if she and her young sons had COVID-19 a few months back, something she is now encouraging other moms to do as well.

In January, Kati Freytag traveled to Taiwan with her family to adopt her young son, Andi. When they returned, Andi got sick, followed by her other son and then her.

"I was in bed for a week – shakes, excessive sweating. I thought maybe it was the flu," said Freytag.

Freytag didn't get a COVID-19 test, but then in April she took an antibody test at a drive-thru location and it came back positive. 

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Now, she says she is waiting for results on a nasal swab test to know for sure. She is encouraging other moms to take advantage of testing just to know for sure their family is safe and whether they have had COVID-19 previously.

"Just so we have an awareness of how many people have actually had this, and if that number is going to be the denominator of the mortality rate it can give a data point, or more data points of this whole thing, and we can learn more about it," said Freytag.

She said she's been working with Travis County health officials during this process.


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