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Advice from vaccinated people who still got COVID-19

COVID cases are on the rise again including for those who are vaccinated. Health officials say the vaccine still works, though, and encourages people to get them.

HOUSTON — COVID-19 case numbers are rapidly rising again, according to health officials. Among the positive test results are people who say they have been fully vaccinated.

Studies show the vaccines are not as effective against the Delta variant, however health officials say they’re still very effective at protecting people from severe illness.

For two Greater Houston women who are fully vaccinated, positive COVID-19 test results came as a shock.

Both Becky Hudson and Angela Perez have always taken the severity of the virus seriously. Perez is a nurse who has firsthand knowledge of how ill COVID19 can make someone, and Hudson has two elderly parents she’s been concerned about protecting.

That’s why both jumped at the opportunity to get vaccinated when the opportunity arose. Perez received her Pfizer shots in December and Hudson was fully vaccinated by January.

Hudson says being vaccinated caused her to let her guard down and return to “normal” behaviors.

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“Definitely a lot more hugging,” Hudson said. “I was going into the grocery store without a mask on.”

“I was kind of like, well, I’m going to be fine! I’m not going to get COVID.”

However, in June, she did get the virus.

“I was mostly upset with myself.”

Hudson says her symptoms were relatively mild. She had body aches, fatigue, and lost her sense of taste and smell. But the virus didn’t last long and she returned to feeling well within a few days.

She believes the vaccine may be to thanks for that. Her unvaccinated friend who got COVID19 at the same time, had to be hospitalized, according to Hudson.

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In March, Angela Perez got the virus too. Unlike Hudson, Perez’s guard never came down and she continued to mask up and take all the precautions she did pre-vaccine. Perez thinks she may have contracted the virus from her 1-year-old unvaccinated granddaughter.

“We were shocked,” said Perez. “We were really surprised that we got it.”

Perez also had a mild case. She also credits the vaccine for keeping her safe as she has a preexisting health condition which puts her at greater risk of complications.

Both Perez and Hudson say even though they got COVID-19, they’re happy they were vaccinated and advise everyone, vaccinated or not, to stay vigilant.

“Just to do everything that you were doing before,” advised Perez. “The vaccine’s not 100% but it is a start.”

The message from the CDC is to get vaccinated. 

For information about requirements and locations, text VACCINE to 713-526-1111 or click here.

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