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Will Congress extend the $600 benefit, reduce it or let it expire?

The country will soon be dealing with not only the coronavirus but, for those on unemployment, $600 less each week.

HOUSTON — The Texas Workforce Commission is preparing for the possible end or reduction of the federally-backed $600 weekly payment that goes to those on unemployment.

The benefit is currently set to end July 25th, and the state tweeted it "does not have the ability to extend this program; only Congress can extend this program."

Other state benefits, however, will not be impacted.

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Still, many families say they cannot do without the additional money from the federal government. And some business leaders say this will be an "economic disaster" for the country, which is still dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus and various lock downs.

On Wednesday, multiple reported indicated that Republicans in Congress are looking at possibly extending federally-supported weekly unemployment insurance payments to the end of the year. But the big catch is the amount would be reduced from $600 to $100 per week, CNBC reports, citing sources.

Another more recent report indicates the amount could go down to $200 a week, but another stimulus payment is on the way as part of today's negotiations in Congress.

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In the CARES Act passed in March, Congress agreed to add $600 per week in federal funds to people approved for state unemployment benefits. But that did not come without some criticism from Republicans who claimed it would be an incentive for people to not return to work. That additional benefit expires Friday.

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Yes ... no ... should lawmakers make this a priority and extend th... is weekly benefit for those still on unemployment? The Texas Workforce commission is reminding the public that it is all up to Congress.

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