May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

The links listed below provide information about education, support or treatment related to mental health.

The lists are not exhaustive and no organization listed should be considered a substitute for treatment by a professional.

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10 Red Flags That Can Indicate Mental Illness

The signs of mental illness are easily missed or dismissed. Knowing what the red flags are can help families, friends, co-workers, teachers and others be compassionate and assist someone who needs it get the help they need:

  1. Spending more time alone; spending excessive time online
  2. Missing school, work or appointments
  3. Excessive spending or stealing from others
  4. Increasing Irritability or anger
  5. Sleeping more or a lot less
  6. Ruminating and excessive worry
  7. Repeating tasks or following time consuming rituals
  8. Drinking or relying on drugs frequently
  9. Losing a someone close to you through a breakup or death
  10. Taking risks that are unsafe, sexual promiscuity, online relationships, illegal activities, etc.

(Source: The Menninger Clinic)

Warning Signs of Suicide

Suicide among adolescents and young adults has eclipsed deaths from motor vehicle accidents to be the second leading cause of death in these age groups. 

Death by suicide among older adults is also growing, often in cases of declining health.

To reverse these trends and to save a life, learn more about the warning signs and how you can intervene.