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After losing nearly 300 pounds, son eligible to be living liver donor for his father

Colton Lowe said volunteering to donate part of his liver to his dad was a no brainer, but doctors say that wasn't an option at his previous weight.

HOUSTON — Ever since he was a little boy, Colton Lowe has looked up to his father.

His dad, Edward Lowe, taught him everything he knows about cars. It’s hobby they both share to this day.

In February of this year, the 23-year-old learned his best friend was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver failure.

“I was like, I can donate right?” said Colton. “The [doctors] said, how much do you weigh? I said, does that matter? They said you have to have a BMI of at most 32 to donate. I did the math, I was at 30. I said yes.”

Colton was relieved and happy, because the answer would have been “no” last year.

In April of 2021, Colton weighed 478 pounds. He decided to undergo weight loss surgery after spending months fixing up a hot rod with his dad.

“Went through all fall and winter to get it running. I go for my first test drive and I couldn’t fit in it,” he said.

He’s lost nearly 300 pounds in the last year. His doctors said Colton initially made the decision for himself.

“He was looking for longevity to make his life healthier and put himself in a better position. As the story was unfolding and being told, it quickly evolved for him to help someone else – his father,” said Dr. Jason Balette, weight loss surgeon at Memorial Hermann.

Colton says he feels more confident and healthy at his new weight, but most importantly, he’s able to offer his dad the gift of life.

A few days before Father’s Day, the Lowe family learned a perfect match was found for Edward, so he may be undergoing a liver transplant soon. If that procedure falls through, Colton is on standby to donate part of his liver as a living donor for his father.

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