Thousands of voting machines and supplies are being moved in preparation for the big election. Saturday election judges picked up their packets from the Harris County Clerk's Office.

"I think for sure it's an interesting election, so I think we will see plenty of people voting," said Todd Butler, a voter.

In Harris County, plenty of people already have. Close to 1 million voters took advantage of early voting, more than any other year. Some were in line until 10 p.m. Friday.

"I think it was better to go early because once it's Election Day, everything is rush," said Sol Sebastian, another voter.

They call this the Super Bowl of Elections. Nine thousand voting machines and 6,000 poll workers will be deployed across the county to 765 polling locations.

"Early voting has just been crazy and so we got to plan for the same thing on Election Day," said Stan Stanart, Harris County Clerk.

Stanart says Tuesday's turnout could surpass even his estimates.

"Every piece of voting machine except for a very few spares are being put out to the polling places and then also every place is getting an extra couple workers," he said.

It's a race that's been entertaining and full of twists and turns, but one things for sure: the polls are tightening in recent days.

"I don't know how things are going to go, I don't know what Hillary is going to do or what Trump is going to do," said Sebastian.

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