The first week of November has been more like the first week of June. High temps have been in the upper 80's, even 90 and new record highs have been set. Well, that's all about to change right NOW! A cold front (the leading edge of a new, colder air mass) is pushing in from the north and will be off the coast before sunrise Wednesday.

How do highs in the upper 50's with clouds, a north wind and drizzle sound? A whole lot more like November ought to. Wednesday morning starts in the 50's, and highs will stay in the 50's for most areas along and north of I-10. Jackets and a umbrella 'just in case' are a must for Wednesdays fashion choices.

This is part of a large blob of cold air that stretches all the way to Canada and the Arctic Circle, where temps are some 20f degrees below zero. This is the first in a series of cold fronts that should keep the rest of the month feeling more like November should. Cheers!