HOUSTON - Family and friends are remembering the man killed in an early morning crash on Friday.

Brian Manring, 36, was driving on Beechnut near FM 1464 when an off-duty police officer crashed into him. Manring was pronounced dead on the scene.

The officer had alcohol on his breath but refused to take a sobriety test, according to detectives.

Friends said Manring had one daughter and she was the most important thing in his life.

"He's gonna be missed and his daughter loved him, loved her so much. And it's horrible because she's gonna have to grow up without her dad and I just hope she can remember how amazing he was." said Taryn Keene, a friend of Manring.

Another friend, Mindy Nees, lived right across the street from Manring and knew him since they were teenagers.

"He's always the one throwing fireworks when it's Fourth of July. It's always been like a family on this street." she said.

Friends said Manring's new hobby was the new corvette he was driving at the time of the crash.

They said he had also started a marketing job and he was on his way to pick up an employee when the crash happened.

The employee, Kadeem Graham, said he had spoken to Manring just before the crash and called again when he didn't hear from him.

"Seven o'clock called him, no answer, 7:30, I called him - no answer," Graham said.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said the off-duty officer that was involved swerved into Manring's lane and crashed into the corvette.

Deputies said the officer was taken to the hospital after he refused to take a sobriety test at the scene. They are waiting for the results from a blood draw taken at the hospital.