There’s a new resident on the International Space Station.

Elf on the Shelf has packed his bags and made himself cozy on the spaceship. Astronaut Anne McClain tweeted a picture of the Elf Tuesday and said she hopes he doesn’t get into anything too important.

Two Russian cosmonauts ventured outside ISS Tuesday for a six-hour exploratory surgery on the Soyuz ferry ship scheduled for return to Earth December 20.

They cut away insulation to reach an area where a small hole was found inside the spacecraft last August that apparently was deliberately drilled.

The hole was plugged with cloth and epoxy, stopping a small leak that alerted the crew to a problem, and no issues are expected when the Soyuz MS-09/55S spacecraft undocks and returns to Earth next Thursday, discarding as usual the ship's upper orbital module -- where the hole is located -- before atmospheric entry.

But Russian engineers want to find out more about the 0.08 inch-wide hole and the behavior of the sealant used to plug it. In the process, they may gain more insight into when it might have been drilled and thus who might be responsible