BAYTOWN, Texas — Goose Creek CISD parents want to know why the school district notified them about scheduled emergency drills and a police officer was not.

Wednesday, a Baytown DARE officer, who was on the Clark Elementary campus to teach a class, responded to the scheduled emergency drill as if it were real. The officer drew his weapon and confronted student actors with fake guns inside the school.

“That’s unbelievable,” said Meagan York, a Clark Elementary mother. “Everybody should have been informed in the first place that it was going on. Especially an armed officer.”

A Baytown Police officer told KHOU 11 News student actors have used fake rubber blue hand guns for active shooter drills in the past. KHOU 11 News is working to confirm what the fake guns looked like during Wednesday’s misunderstanding.

“That’s scary because the officer should’ve known, and he drew a weapon on kids so that’s real scary for the kids,” said Makeda Williams, who has grandchildren at the school.

In a written statement the district said "the officer heard over the school’s intercom system that the campus was being placed on lockdown, which is a standard announcement at the onset of a drill, and took the appropriate action given the fact that he was unaware there was a drill in progress, including briefly drawing his weapon."

“It’s great that they have a police officer here who is armed to protect the kids, but everybody needs to be informed so that nobody is pulling guns on people who are acting,” said York.

There were no injuries and all students were safe.