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Are your kids dealing with back-to-school jitters? Here's some tips to help them with the transition

Kids are dealing with all the usual back-to-school jitters, so we're offering tips on how to help ease this transition amongst the COVID chaos.

The start of school can always be tough, so why will kids need some extra help going back to the classroom this year?

Kids are dealing with all the usual back-to-school jitters, concerns over starting a new grade, reigniting friendship and just fitting in. But they are also carrying a lot of baggage and frustration from last school year’s school struggles.

Parents can help students transition from COVID chaos to what will hopefully be a more structured school year. And structure will be key.

Experts recommend enlisting your kids to create a set routine for the school year. If they have more input they are more likely to follow a routine, which can be essential.

Experts also recommend giving kid’s brains a break. That means encouraging kids to write down responsibilities instead of trying to remember them all. 

One school psychologist recommends creating a monthly calendar with what students need to do that day on one side of the paper and new tasks that come up during the day on the other side of the paper.

Another tip is to stay positive. Educators say it may be counterintuitive but parents should focus more on student’s strengths than their grades. By creating a positive learning environment kids tend to want to learn more instead of stressing about meeting a goal.


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