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Don't get fined or lose your license: Important reminders for drivers as Houston kids head to school

With students back on campus, you'll need to get back in the habit of following school zone rules.

HOUSTON — It’s probably been a couple months since you’ve seen school zone signs lit up, but students are headed back to school. That means getting back in the habit of following school zone rules.

TxDOT offers these tips for drivers, which are really rules you should always follow:

  • Stay alert
  • Stay off your phone
  • Obey speed limit signs
  • Stop if a bus has its flashing lights on
  • Keep an eye out for kids trying to cross a street or waiting for a bus

If you need incentive beyond just being considerate behind the wheel and keeping students safe, DPS can help. Get caught breaking school zone rules and you’ll have to pay up.

The fine for speeding in a school zone is $220 or more.

Using your cell phone in a school zone will cost you up to $200.

If you fail to yield to a school bus, you'll pay at least $500, but the fine could be up to $1,250. If you get caught doing this more than once, DPS says you can lose your license for six months.

If you end up hurting someone while doing any of these things, you’ll face criminal charges too.

Let this be your reminder: school’s back in session, kids are going to be back on campus and you ought to keep an eye out.