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FBISD will make final decision next week on delaying on-campus learning for up to 4 weeks

Aldine ISD extended remote learning through Sept. 11.

HOUSTON — Sitting in front of a computer all day isn’t how Veronica Granados’ son, Gerardo, envisioned for 9th grade.

But that’s how it’s going for him and more than 60,000 other Aldine ISD students.

"The teachers are constantly reaching out and wanting to help the kids,” Granados said.

But she knows parents who work outside of their homes are having a harder time living with remote learning.

"As bad as it sounds, you’re having to put the kids’ learning on the side so that way you can provide for them,” Granados said. "They're trying their best."

Granados would like to see students return campuses as they have in other districts. But she agrees with Aldine’s decision to extend online learning through at least Sept. 11.

It's something the superintendent announced in an online message which cited the district’s own “decision meter" that remains at its most heightened level.

"I think the school leaders are doing the best that they can with the information that they have,” Granados said.

Fort Bend ISD trustee Kristin Tassin said constantly changing information related to COVID-19 is part of the challenge.

"It’s been really difficult to be able to make decisions, firm decisions, that can be long-term because we don’t know what’s going to happen from week to week," Tassin said.

On Wednesday night, she and her FBISD school board colleagues approved a preliminary plan to delay in-person learning for up to four more weeks so they can "resume in a phased approach."

The board will meet again next week to consider the actual transition plan.

Tassin said she's prepared to send her own high schooler back.

“I personally feel like it’s time to start phasing back and getting back and letting parents choose for their own children,” Tassin said.

She and other leaders in other districts believe COVID-19 cases on campuses are to be expected once in-person instruction happens.

It's all about mitigating the risk.

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