HARRIS COUNTY, Texas- Harris County’s Department of Education could be ending operations at 21 Head Start and Early Head Start program locations.

On Monday, one board member responded to Mike Wolfe's item calling for a"cease operation" as politically movivated.There are seven current members on the Harris County Department of Education Board of Trustees.

Parents at Baytown Head Start feel left in the dark.

“I think the higher up people are deciding to close it down or something,” said Erica Ibarra, a Baytown Head Start mother.

KHOU 11 News discovered HCDE Board of Trustee, Mike Wolfe’s, intentions in the board’s agenda:

“consideration of informing the federal government that HCDE will cease to operate any Head Start Facilities at the earliest possible date.”

There are 1,230 students enrolled in Harris County Department of Education’s Head Start schools. Baytown parents and grandparents fear their voices won’t be heard because the board meeting is Tuesday during normal working hours.

“Please don’t take away the Head Start because it’s very crucial these kids get an early education,” said Latanya Jenkins.

It’s unclear if money is motivating a possible closure. According to the county’s budget, the federal government will fund Harris County Head Start schools more than $21 million this fiscal year.

“Just knowing that other families aren’t going to benefit from it, it just touches my heart that’s why I tried going out to get signatures today,” said Head Start mother Stephanie Gray.

The HCDE board of trustees meeting starts at 9 a.m. on Tuesday inside the HCDE building at 6300 Irvington Boulevard.

To see the online petition by parents, visit here.