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Video: Junior high school student repeatedly hits another girl in Katy ISD classroom

Nurys Valdes said her granddaughter now has physical and emotional scars. She's going to therapy and will attend a new school.

KATY, Texas — A viral video posted on social media appears to show a Katy ISD junior high school student attacking another girl out of the blue in a classroom full of students.

The video shows one girl repeatedly hitting another student while others stand by and watch.

"Very frustrating, very outrageous and horrible, very horrible," Nurys Valdes said in Spanish.

She's the grandmother and legal guardian of the girl who was seen being beaten in the video. She told KHOU 11's Maria Aguilera it was painful for her to watch the video.

"I saw her so defenseless and the other girl was hitting her hard and she didn't defend herself," Valdes said.

The incident happened at Beck Junior High in Katy ISD.

The school's principal, Dr. Leah Radloff, sent a letter home to parents saying:

"Dear Beck Junior High Parents/Guardians and Staff,

"This message is to assure our parents and guardians that Beck JH administration is aware of an altercation that occurred in a classroom and is circulating via video on social media. Any student determined to be involved in the altercation and in violation of the Katy ISD Discipline Management Plan and Student Code of Conduct will be assessed disciplinary consequences and possible criminal consequences.    

"I would like to reassure parents that the safety of our students at Beck Junior High is our top priority, and behaviors such as these are not tolerated on our campus.

"There are several ways students and parents can help the school administration resolve conflicts before an incident occurs.  In addition to reporting information to someone at school or a law enforcement official, parents can utilize our Katy ISD SpeakUp mobile app to anonymously report tips. I also encourage parents to help their child understand the serious implications that can result from engaging in, or encouraging physical or verbal conflict. With your help, we can effectively continue our commitment to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment for all students.

"Thank you for your continued support."

Valdes said her granddaughter now has physical and emotional scars. She's going to therapy and will attend a new school.

"The psychologist said she was in post-traumatic shock," Valdes said.

She filed a police report and is also seeking legal action.

"That's the process we're in right now," Valdes said.

The Fort Bend District Attorney's Office said that since the incident involved minors, the case was confidential. They said they were aware of the allegation and are addressing it.

The DA's office added that juveniles can face the same charges as adults, including assault.

In the meantime, Valdes has a message for other parents and teens: "Violence is not normal. We cannot normalize violence."

School fights are nothing new, but district officials are encouraging parents to remind their children that there are other ways to resolve conflicts, such as speaking with a counselor.

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