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Teacher in viral Heights High School video speaks about hoax threat

A viral video captures the moment when officers entered Heights High School this week. The teacher in that classroom was able to calmly take control.

HOUSTON — A viral video captured the moment when officers responding to a fake 911 call entered a Heights High School classroom on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

The teacher, a substitute, in the video was able to calmly take control of the situation. He told KHOU 11 he had not seen the video until we showed it to him. 

Jose Azios, the 78-year-old teacher, was surprised to hear the video had millions of views on social media.

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The video shows law enforcement searching the campus after they received a hoax call claiming 10 people were shot in an English classroom.

"It happened right after lunch about 1 p.m," Azios said. "I’m a substitute teacher at Heights and that is the only place I will sub."

Azios also coaches baseball. He says the school is close to his heart. It was the school he went to, taught at and retired from as an administrator.

"I retired in 2004, went back in 2008 been there ever since," said Azios. "I got to have a purpose."

On the day of the hoax, Azios handled the situation calmly.

"All of a sudden, we got a PA announcement that we were under a lockdown," said Azios. 

He said he locked his door and waited calmly for instructions from law enforcement.

"The law enforcement did a tremendous job," he said. 

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Video of his classroom quickly spread on social media.

"Everyone saw it apparently. My daughter called me from Virginia, said, 'Dad, you are OK?' Yeah, I am OK," said Azios. 

The video has amassed nearly four million views.

"Is that right? See, I don’t know anything about this, about, what its called? Twitter. I don’t know anything about that."

While social media isn't his forte, Azios says he's not leaving the classroom anytime soon. He said he feels confident that both the school and law enforcement was prepared to handle a potential threat.

"I am not going to quit. I was safe," said Azios. 

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