CONROE, Texas – One first-year teacher in Conroe ISD is making quite the wave on social media with her unique approach to help her 14 students learn life skills.

“It’s a coffee cart on wheels. We walk around Grand Oaks on Friday, and we deliver coffee,” said special education teacher Shelby Winder.

It’s called the Grizzly Bean, and Winder is using it to serve up a new lesson plan for her students.

“I wanted to implement something for the kids where they would learn employable skills, social skills, communication skills,” winder said.

Just four weeks in, this little coffee shop is having a big impact. Just ask any one of the kids.

“It’s a blessing to have this job and it’s a great thing to know when you have those things in life you can earn money,” said freshman Mazzie Ensig.

Each kid has a job title.

“Some students push the cart, some students take the orders, some students make the packaging,” Winder said.

Ensig says they had to interview for those positions.

“My mom and dad are so proud of me,” Ensig said.

The kids say the shop is tough work.

They start collecting orders on Mondays.

“Our students walk down to the workroom and stock with the grizzly bean order form,” Winder said.

Prep on Thursdays.

“We go out the room, get all the bags put all the sugar we need for the coffee,” Ensig said.

And on Fridays – it’s time for delivery.

“We get the coffee made, we get the cart up and running and we head out to the school and rock and roll,” Winder said.

And the reception is the whip crème on top. Each Friday, the school’s staff greet the students with excitement as their orders are delivered.

“Watching them grow in all this and gained those new skills it makes me feel good to know that in a couple of years when they do graduate they can go on to hold a title in the community,” Winder said.

And that confidence booster is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

“The Grizzly Bean makes me feel like I can do anything,” said sophomore Kailee Chatman.