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Friendswood ISD says outdoor activities can resume after threat was 'contained'

District officials said the events could resume after the individual of concern was "contained" and would not be a threat through the end of the school year.

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas — A day after announcing that all outdoor events for the rest of the school year were canceled due to a "domestic situation," Friendswood ISD announced that the activities would resume after the "individual of concern has been contained, and we have been assured that it will be through the end of the school year."

FISD said an increased police presence would be on all campuses through the end of the school year.

In a message sent out Monday, the district said a "domestic/family dispute within the community" was responsible for the safety concern.

The email sent to district parents and staff came after an alarm email was sent out by the district on Monday saying it would cancel outdoor events for the rest of the school. The canceled events included Splash Day, Senior Sunset, Bales 5th-grade Celebration at Stevenson Park, recess, and athletic practices.

The last day of school for Friendswood ISD is May 25.

Here were the full responses sent out by the school district in response to canceling outdoor activities:

"Why did you choose only to cancel outside activities? 

In evaluating the situation, we recognized that we could not control the whereabouts or actions of the individuals involved in the dispute. Given the unpredictable nature of such cases, it was essential to prioritize caution and make a proactive decision to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Therefore, in the best interest of our students and staff, we made the difficult but necessary choice to keep everyone inside.

Why can't you give us all the information so we can make an informed decision?

School districts cannot disclose all parties and information in the details parents may want for several reasons. First and foremost, privacy laws and regulations protect the confidentiality of individuals involved in any incident or dispute. Disclosing sensitive information without proper authorization would violate privacy rights and legal requirements. Additionally, sharing too much information can escalate the situation, compromise ongoing investigations, or create unnecessary panic among parents, guardians, and students. Therefore, school districts prioritize maintaining a delicate balance between transparency and the requirement to follow privacy laws.

Without all of the information, I have decided to keep my kids home.

As parents, you have the right to make decisions regarding the well-being and education of your children, including choosing to keep them at home if you deem it necessary and appropriate. We recognize and respect your rights as primary caregivers in making such choices, and we understand that each family's circumstances and concerns may differ. We aim to support and collaborate with you in creating an environment that promotes the best interests of your children."

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