HOUSTON — This may not be the news you want to hear, but parents will spend the most they ever have on back to school.

You're welcome.

The National Retail Federation has put out their projections for both K-12 and college spending, and parents, it's not pretty.

The two combined, Americans will spend $80.7 billion on back to school. Yep, billion.

K-12 moms and dads will actually spend more than parents of college kids. Per family, that comes to just under $696.70, which is about $12 more than last year.

They're spending the most on clothes ($239.82) electronics ($203.44) shoes ($135.96) and school supplies ($117.49).

College parents get off a little cheaper, but only on this part: not the tuition. They're spending an average of $976.78 per family. That's about $30 more than last year.

Most of that money is going towards electronics ($234.69), then clothing ($148.54), furniture ($120.19), and of course, they're college kids, so about $100 on food.

K-12 parents will do most of their shopping in person and college kids, making use of those new laptops are buying most of their stuff online.