GALVESTON — A student recovering from major surgery is dropping out of a Galveston County middle school because of extreme bullying.

The student’s parents made the tough decision to seek an alternative to schooling.

June Hernandez, a 12-year-old 7th grader, said things got so bad for her at Central Middle School she was doing whatever she could to avoid going to school.

“I was just extremely sad,” June said. "I was crying all the time. ... and it was just terrible."

For instance, slowly pushing a walker is how June gets around.

Earlier this year she suddenly was unable to walk and needed surgery in both hips.

Before the bullying, she enjoyed going to school.

“It was just like any regular middle schooler," June said. "It was just normal. Talked to friends when I could, went to all my classes. I was doing fine.”

When June returned to school after surgery, things changed.

June said some students bullied her by claiming she was faking her illness and the use of a walker.

Also, she said some kids made it hard for her to get around.

“Some days I would just not get out of bed and purposely be late and some days I would just say I had a stomach ache,” June said. “Some days when I had doctors’ appointments I would always delay it where I did not have to go back to school.”

Her grades started to slip.

Her mom Betty noticed a change and reached out to the school.

Hernandez said the district did what it could, but it wasn’t enough.

“At first it was just hopelessness because it’s my job to protect her,” Hernandez said.

She said she was forced to take her daughter out of school and enroll her in online classes.

It was a tough decision that is benefiting June.

“I like to say it’s like a butterfly,” Hernandez exclaimed. “She has just opened her wings and is soaring now. She’s never been a straight A student but she is now.”

June said she’s never been happier.

She plans to finish middle school online.

Galveston ISD officials said they treat all bullying cases seriously.

The district is aware of the June’s case.

Officials said every bullying case is processed and evaluated.

June plans to finish middle school online at Texas Online Preparatory School.