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'Treat every day like it's a new day' | Parents, students, teachers share back-to-school advice

Reporter Michelle Choi ventured out to Hermann Park to ask visitors to share their back-to-school advice as students prepare to head back to the classrooms.

HOUSTON — Children are preparing to head back to school and we know this year is already starting off pretty rocky.

With the surge in COVID cases and the ongoing mask battle between the state and local officials, kids are definitely feeling the pressure, but we want to keep their minds as stress-free as possible. 

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So Reporter Michelle Choi ventured out to Hermann Park with her easel, poster, markers and mic stand to ask visitors from all backgrounds and ages to share their back-to-school advice. 

Barbera Leeman, Class of 1997, shared, "Mask up, keep yourself protected and let's have a good school year this year."

"Get your kids involved with getting their schoolwork together, getting their lunches together, picking out their clothes...The more they get involved with it, the more they enjoy it, and the more they look forward to going to school," said David Johnson, who graduated Class of 1989.

Dylan is currently in school and will be graduating high school in the year 2029. 

His advice was to "always be ready to start learning."

Soon-to-be high-school senior Evelyn Corebuck said, "My advice would be to always stay true to yourself and be confident in who you are, and it will get you far both socially and academically."

Masio Griffe, who graduated in 2015, said, "My back-to-school advice would be just to remain focused and try to transition from the home and personal life to a more social life in an outgoing setting."

And the advice didn't stop there. Several more people stopped by Choi's advice stand and said they would suggest setting an alarm early and practicing waking up in the morning. Others said to learn how to balance work-life balance and social life. 

"Prepare the night before, so, lay your clothes out and get your lunch ready and everything, the night before," said Nicole Mann who graduated four years ago. 

And advice from a teacher.

"My name is Ria Cholia. I graduated the class of 2016. My advice would be to treat every day like it's a new day. Be open to everything that comes your way. Make new friends, find new things that you love. School's a great place to do that and as a teacher, I would also add to respect your teacher every day."

Last but not least, advice from Choi herself.  

"Be kind and be yourself."

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