HOUSTON — Dozens have reached out to help a local Boy Scout Troop get back on their feet after a trailer full of the troop’s camping equipment was stolen.

Thousands of dollars of hard-earned gear was taken from the troop, but it’s all being replaced and then some. Now, they’re saying thank you.

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and they’re pitching a tent on their front lawn.

Why? They’re Scouts. It’s what they do.

Twins, Alex and Julian and their brother Georgie are part of Scout Troop 609. They’re one of a kind.

“Our population is kids on the Autism Spectrum, kids with other neurological differences and siblings of those kids," their father, Tony Hightower said.

But it was only a week ago that their sense of adventure was stolen from them, taken without a trace.

“It’s frustrating because it was just removed from us," Alex Hightower said.

Inside that red, metal trailer, they stowed their treasures.

“We as a family worked really hard to put everything together," Alex said.

As Scouts, it was their most prized possessions - camping gear and cooking equipment, belongings they worked years to call their own.

“All the teamwork just went to waste," Alex said.

Selling quite a few coupon books if you ask them.

“Blood, sweat and tears," Georgie Hightower said.

There were even more tears after the trailer was taken, but in just a few days, those tears turned from tragedy to triumph.

“It’s really heartwarming that people have been thoughtful about us," Georgie said.

Donations poured in to replace everything they lost. Ten new tents were even dropped off Saturday morning.

Camping is important to these teens. As part of the autism spectrum, it’s the feeling of fitting in.

“It’s good for the kids. It builds their confidence, and let’s them know yeah, they can do it," Tony said.

And now thanks to your help, they’ll be more than prepared for their next adventure.