HOUSTON - There's a new twist in the investigation into a CenterPoint worker who was seen on video hitting a homeowner's dog with a wrench.

The homeowner has now released new video that he says proves he, his wife and their dogs were all caught by surprise when the contractor showed up at their home.

The contractor's boss says his employee was defending himself, that the dogs were unleashed on him following an earlier confrontation.

Mike Willcox says he's angry after hearing the claims that he turned his two dogs on the contractor as he was going to shut off the family's gas for non-payment.

In the new video, you see a pickup roll up, the contractor get out and immediately walk toward the fence through the empty yard holding a yellow disconnect notice.

He walks past a 'Beware of Dog' sign and through the fence that Willcox says he left open for landscapers. The video's timecode shows the contractor first swinging his wrench less than 20 seconds later.

Willcox says the worker handed his wife the disconnect notice and wouldn't give his name. He also says the only time he became combative was when he watched the contractor swing his wrench at his dog again.

CenterPoint officials told us this afternoon their employees and contractors all receive animal training are taught to retreat instead of engage the animals.

Willcox says someone from the company reached out to him yesterday but says he's still facing at least $2,000 in vet bills and still waiting to hear from Star Corp.

CenterPoint tells KHOU 11 News it train employees and contractors disconnecting for nonpayment to get in and out as quickly as possible because they're regularly threatened, sometimes even with guns. They've put out a notice to their employees to be extra cautious given all of the emotion this story has generated.