You can't turn on your television without seeing a political ad. Millions of dollars are being spent on this years election, especially the Senate race between incumbent Ted Cruz and challenger Beto O'Rourke.

"This is the most interesting race statewide that we have had in a quarter of a century where we have an actual Democratic competitive candidate both financially in terms of polls and turn out voting,” SMU Political Science Professor Cal Jillson said.

The latest Texas Tribune/ UT poll showed Cruz leading O'Rourke by six points but independent voters are leaning towards O'Rourke.

"Everything is going to depend on a bunch more people showing up to the polls,” said Ross Ramsey, editor of Texas Tribune.

Texas voters are energized – so far in early voting, there have been 1. 4 million ballots cast, compared with the 2016 presidential election when there were 1.5 million.

”The question is who has the most money, particularly the senate race, to get out the vote drive on election day,” Jillson said.

Attorney Ramez Shameih gave his entire staff the afternoon off to go vote. He said it's critical.

"Because I want everyone to vote and feel like they have a say in how the state and country are run," Shameih said.

Political experts say a lot of the outcome in the Senate race will come down to those independent voters but also women and Latinos.

Miriam Villanueva said she wants her voice heard.

"All elections are important for women but especially this one because of the outcome of the last election,” Villanueva said.

So as the candidates come down to the finish line experts say it's going to be who finishes the strongest.