HOUSTON -- Fire burned at the Arkema plant in Friday night, the second issue there in 24 hours.

KHOU 11 looked into past issues at the plant. In the latest OSHA report, which was from August of last year. OSHA had 10 violations, all of which were considered by OSHA as being serious. Nine of those 10 dealt with safety management of highly-hazardous chemicals.

Those violations include:

  • Not ensuring equipment was safe for hazardous location
  • Having safety and inspection procedures that didn’t follow good engineering practices
  • Not inspecting and testing 11 pieces of equipment, including pipelines
  • Not having records showing employees had proper training on operational procedures
  • Not implementing written procedures for maintaining ongoing integrity of equipment
  • OSHA says all of the problems were fixed and the company paid $91,714 in fines.

The company says the fire was because of Harvey. What’s not clear if any of the PAST violations played a part.