MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - A woman says her picture was stolen and put on a sex ad on Craigslist. Now, investigators with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office say it's a serious crime they're looking into.

It all started with a picture posted on Facebook. It was a selfie this woman never imagined would be stolen.

"It is very violating," said Tammie Veach, who claims her selfie was stolen.

This mom couldn't believe it was her face on a Craiglist ad.

"They posted me as wanting multiple sex partners," she said.

However, it gets worse.

"I had over 100 voicemails," said Veach.

The ad also had her cell phone number.

"There was everything from a husband and wife who wanted me as one of their partners to multiple men offering me a $1,000 to meet them," she said.

This married mother of two thinks her number was lifted from her family's Bowfishing business.

"It's a hoax, I've been put on there as a joke," said

But she says this is no laughing matter. She reported it to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

"Detectives are still following up on it, they did locate an IP address and things like that," said Brady Fitzgerald, with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

However, this mom says the damage is done and wants the person behind this ad to be punished.

"I'm gonna catch you, you are going to pay for what you did, if not for me, for other girls in the future," she said.

Deputies say only in recent years have they been able to go after crimes like these because new laws are in place. For online impersonation you can face anything from a Class A misdemeanor to a 3rd degree felony.